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What is an Entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneurs are seen as some of the most important people in any society. These are individuals who help create wealth and jobs and it is hard to imagine how our economy could work without them. The word ‘entrepreneur’ is French in origin and it basically means ‘to enter and to take’. An entrepreneur in the simplest terms is somebody that is willing to take risks with their own money in order to launch some type of venture.

What Makes Somebody an Entrepreneur?

Not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur and this is why we value these individuals so much. This is not to say that the rest of us might not be able to cultivate the needed personality traits needed for this type of role; just that most of us won’t develop them. Here are just some of the personality traits that we have grown to associate with successful entrepreneurship.

  • Entrepreneurs are highly motivated people who are willing to put all their efforts and time into a project. Those who only put half their heart into something will tend to only get mediocre results; a successful entrepreneur knows this and will give their all to a project.
  • This type of individual will tend to have a vision; they can see something that most other people might miss. They have an idea that they feel sure can work and they will do what it takes to make their vision a reality.
  • Entrepreneurs are risk takers. They know that sometimes you have to put it all on the line if you are to have any chance of success. These people avoid being reckless but they will also realize that playing it safe isn’t the road to greatness.
  • These are people who have a lot of tenacity. They will keep on pushing towards their goals no matter how hard things get. Entrepreneurs know that the barriers to success are there to keep mediocre people back, but that if they persist they will reach their goal.
  • In order for someone to be an entrepreneur they need to have a lot of confidence. Sometimes almost everyone else will be claiming that an idea is not going to work, but this individual will have enough confidence to stick to their vision because they believe in it. It takes a lot of self belief to be able to go against what everyone else is saying to us. Of course, any successful people will always consider what other people have to say and their confidence has nothing to do with arrogance.
  • An entrepreneur will tend to surround themselves with the right people. They know their own strengths and weaknesses and will get the right people in the team to cover those areas that they can’t. It might seem to outsiders that an entrepreneur is a lone figure but all the successful ones will have a team around them.

Entrepreneurship is vital for the success of an economy and it is reassuring to know that some people have the personality traits to fill this role.

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