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What Should I Ask a Photo Booth Vendor Before Booking?

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One question many people ask when it comes to a photo booth rental is if it is worth the investment. After being in the business for years, we can confidently say, YES. We live in an experience driven culture. Photo booth rentals are a sure way to provide your guests with a fun activity to do the day of and a fun souvenir to look back on, forever.

With all that being said, shopping for a photo booth service should be simple so here are some key questions to ask before processing that deposit!

bride and groom
Photo by Victoria Priessnitz, Bride and Groom

Does the Company Have Insurance?

The first thing you should ask any vendor is if they are insured. Many venues require vendors to have at least a million dollar policy, also known as a COI. The worst thing is booking a company and realizing after that they do not have insurance therefore are not allowed at your venue.

What Does Their Set Up Look Like?

You want to ensure that any vendor you book elevates your event. This is true when it comes to photo booth rentals as well. Some companies provide homemade set ups which can run lower in cost but may cheapen the look of your venue. High quality companies will have a clean photo booth, tidy prop table and gorgeous backdrops. Their staff will also dress for the occasion by being uniformed and nicely groomed.

What is Their Photo Quality Like?

The other question to ask a photo booth rental is what their picture quality looks like. Make sure it is crisp and bright not dark or blurry. A photo booth pro will know that high quality images are a must.

What is Their Backdrop Inventory?

We mentioned when covering the set up that backdrops are important. That is because one of the best parts of a photo booth, are the different backdrop options. This is a great way to tie in the photo booth rental in with your theme! The nicest quality backdrop options cover tension fabric, sequin and flower wall backdrops.

Will They Customize the Art Print Design?

Another great way to tie in the photo booth to your event is to get a cute design on the prints. This Photo Booth rental Houston will do that for you at no extra cost. The point is to create a design that will be cohesive with your event and theme.

Is There an Option to Receive Digital Image?

Whether on-site or post event (OR BOTH) it is always a great time when you can relieve your photo booth rental experience. Digital copies allow for the fun to keep on living!

A company that offers top-quality services and has you covered is one like this photo booth rental Houston.

We hope this article has helped you in making a more informed decision about what photo booth company to book

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