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The Total Money Makeover, a Must Read Ultimate Guide to Money Management

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The Total Money Makeover, a must read Ultimate Guide To money management

The Total Money Makeover, a must read Ultimate Guide To money management

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey is a book on finance management from one of America’s most recognized voice on the topic. Dave Ramsey is a finance management expert and the host of the Dave Ramsey show.  In this book, Dave Ramsey provides easy-to-understand answers to many seemingly complex questions about budgeting, retirement funds, saving for college education, and more.

Total money makeover is specifically for those who have run or are about running their financial ship into the ground. Although, those who are not in financial shambles can learn a great deal from this book, as it would help them optimally utilize their income. Oftentimes the solution to financial difficulties lay right in front of us but we are too distracted to see it. Dave makes it clear that financial freedom is owed to behavior rather than knowledge, citing broke professors as evidence supporting this theory.

In this book, Dave offers simple hard stance steps, which anyone committed to getting out of debt and owning their own when it comes to finance will gladly take. These steps will require the reader to be very meticulous with money up until step seven where they can buy themselves pricey gifts only because they can afford it. The contains many real life success stories of real people, this serves as proof of the effectiveness of Dave’s methods and also provide inspiration.

Total money makeover comes with helpful budget forms and worksheet in the back of the book. This book is solely about how to manage resources that are already established sources of income; the book does not teach readers how to make money. Therefore, this book is not suitable for persons looking for knowledge on how to make money.

The steps in this book might take a substantial amount of time to achieve, but it is all worth the effort. On the whole, the total money makeover: a proven plan for financial fitness will leave fitter financially if the principles taught by the book are adhered to.

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