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If I Quit My Job am I Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

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If you quit your job it won’t mean that you are automatically entitled to unemployment benefits. This is because there are a number of conditions that need to be met in order for you to qualify under the scheme. The rules in regards to unemployment benefits will vary between state to state but generally speaking the onus will be on you to prove that you are entitled to this money. If you left your job without a very good reason then you might really struggle to get this type of benefit.

Who Is Entitled To Unemployment Benefit?

The regulations in regards to unemployment benefit are there to ensure that people don’t abuse the scheme and that it is only there to help the most deserving. The funds available for this scheme are limited and so it needs to be managed prudently. In some states they will have extremely tough requirements for eligibility but generally speaking you will not be entitled to unemployment if you left your job for any of the following reasons:

  • You felt that you weren’t being paid enough and so quit.
  • You left your job because you didn’t like your work colleagues or your boss.
  • The hours of employment didn’t suit you.
  • Or if you quit for any type of frivolous reason like not enjoying the work.

As well as there being regulations for situations where it won’t be permissible to apply for unemployment benefit, there are also examples of situations where it will be understandable that you ended your unemployment. If any of the following conditions apply in your case then you should find that getting unemployment benefit is straightforward.

  • The job was putting you in danger in some way. Perhaps the task you were assigned was unsafe or that generally the working area had health and safety issues which weren’t being dealt with. Of course just saying that your job was unsafe is unlikely to be enough and you will be expected to provide some evidence for this.
  • If you have been the subject of any type of discrimination or victimization at work then this too will be an acceptable reason to end employment. If there has been any type of bullying or threatening behavior then you shouldn’t have to put up with this.
  • If you boss decides to cut your hours or pay significantly then this could be good grounds to quit.
  • If you have developed some type of medical condition that would interfere with your ability to do this job then that would be a good reason to quit.

Deciding if Your Are Entitled to Unemployment Benefit if You Quit Your Job

It is often the case that your previous employer will challenge your right to unemployment benefit. In this situation there will be a hearing and both sides will be able to provide their evidence. So long as you can prove that you had reasonable ground to quit then there should be no problem.

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