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What’s with all the economic rent after all?

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Gross Rent: Gross Rent refers to the rent paid for the services of land and the capital invested on it. It consists of economic rent, interest on capital invested for improvement of land and reward for risk taken by the landlord in investing his capital.

Scarcity Rent: Scarcity Rent refers to the price paid for the use of the homogeneous land when its supply is limited in relation to demand. If all units of land are homogeneous, but demand exceeds supply, the entire land will earn economic rent by virtue of its scarcity.

Differential Rent: Differential Rent refers to that rent, which arises owing to differences in fertility of land. The surplus that arises due to difference between the marginal and intra-marginal land is the differential rent. It is accrued generally under extensive cultivation of land. The term was first stated by David Ricardo.

Contract Rent: Contract Rent refers to that rent which is mutually agreed upon between the land-owner and the user. It may be equal to the economic rent of the factor.


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