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What is a Vision Statement?

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If you do some research of all the top companies around the world you are likely to find that all of these have some type of vision statement. This is more than just something that is used in a brochure to impress clients, but it is something that should act as a beacon for the company. When you create a vision statement for you company you are putting into print your aspirations for the business; these aspirations will then become something that you will work towards in the future.

The Purpose of a Vision Statement

A vision statement will give an organization a goal and this is something that is hugely important for success. After all, if people don’t know where they are going then how can they work to get there? The vision statement provides the goal and this means that those in the organization can ensure that all future plans are bringing them closer to this vision. It also allows them to see when they are moving away from the vision of the company and this will encourage them to change course. A vision statement can be something that applies to a whole organization or it can be the case that different departments will have their own version of it.

An important aspect of a vision statement is that it is something that hasn’t yet been accomplished. Working hard to stay the same is probably not the best ingredient for success so the vision statement has to motivate the organization onto bigger and better things. A vision statement needs to be ambitious but not so unrealistic that it becomes a bit meaningless. It needs to be something meaningful and not just something that sounds good.

What a Vision Statement Says about an Organization

A vision statement will always provide a lot of insight into an organization and its values. Members of the company can look to this vision when they are unsure about how to proceed. This statement does not provide the answer to problems directly; for instance it won’t say if this happens you should do this. It also doesn’t explain how to achieve these goals. The vision statement only marks the destination and it is up to the team to then work out how to make this a reality.

A vision statement is not a long rambling explanation of the organizations aspirations. At most it should only be a sentence or two in length. Everything in the vision statement should be clear and precise and there is no room for vagueness. What you don’t want is a statement that can be reinterpreted any way that suits the purpose of those reading it.

Having a goal for any organization is important and you make clear what this is by creating a vision statement. Some people might just see this as a bit of decoration but this statement will serve a very useful purpose for a business; in fact it could make all the difference.

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