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The Best International Economics Books to Learn International Economics

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International economics is a fascinating subject. It is quite amazing to see how the world economies are interrelated. It could be said that an understanding of this international influence is vital for anyone who wants to get to grips with the subject of economics. This is a subject that affects everyone on the planet because we all take part in this global economy. There have been many great books written on this subject and here are just a few of the best titles currently available.

International Economics 7th Edition (2009) by Dennis R. Appleyard, Alfred Field, and Steven Cobb

This text book is often used for university courses but it is also a great reference resource for anyone. You don’t need to know much about economics before reading this book as most issues being by being explained at a basic level and progressing from there. All the main topics are examined and this book will provide readers with a good understanding of the subject. Graphs and images are used to help elucidate the text.

Schaum’s Outline of International Economics – 4th Edition (1995) by Dominick Salvatore

The aim of this book is to provide a basic overview of international economics. It is a good introductory text on the subject and provides a good foundation for further exploration. It is aimed mostly at students of the subject but the explanations are easy to understand and so this book will likely be useful for a wide range of people.

Foundations of International Macroeconomics (1996) by Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth S. Rogoff

The great thing about this book is that the authors are able to present the information in an interesting way. Everything is explained clearly and you should really feel that you have learnt something by the end of the book. There are some mathematical equations provided that could be hard to understand if you are not knowledgeable, but most people probably won’t feel the need to understand these equations. The book does also provide real world examples to demonstrate their meaning.

International Economics – 13th Edition (2010) by Robert Carbaugh

This is another popular textbook that has been used extensively in universities. It attempts to take all the difficult concepts in international economics and present these in an easy to understand way – most readers agree that the book does this successfully. One of the things that make this text so readable is that the author teaches this subject at university and has done so for many years; this means that he is able to present the information effectively.

Global Political Economy: Understanding the International Economic Order (2001) by Robert Gilpin and Jean M. Gilpin

The focus of this book is on the factors that influence global commerce. It examines globalization and considers all the ramifications of this. There are some personal opinions in here but they are provided by people who are really respected in their field. As well as looking at international economics this text also deals with political economy. Overall this is an interesting read full of useful information and ideas.

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