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Since its inception in 2006, EconGuru has never stopped in delivering useful and original content for eager minds that crave Economics and Finance knowledge. Just yesterday we decided to migrate the entire CMS of EconGuru from hand shaped SSI and PHP scripts to the blogging platform WordPress. It’s one of the finest CMS we can find on the web that is easy to use and customize, secure and handily facilitates multi-authoring. Say goodbye to custom coding and embrace the era of blogging.

This is undoubtedly a milestone for EconGuru in that, content can be produced at unprecedented speed and quality. The entire structure is remodeled and most important of all, more authors can join in the team to make EconGuru the go-to brand of Economics and Finance knowledge base. A knowledge base and library with comprehensive articles, guides, diagrams and data for introductory and intermediate learners, workers as well as teachers.

Tune in. We will write a world of Economics and Finance that is so intriguingly different from that by the textbooks.

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