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Top 6 Best Environmental Economics Books Reviewed

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In recent years there has been increasing concern about the environment and how it is affecting our lives. This rising concern has been reflected in academia with different branches offering their own analysis. It is hardly surprising that economists would have views on this subject and there has been many texts released which deal with this topic. Here are just six of the best environmental economics books reviewed.

Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts by Marc J Epstein, John Elkington, and Herman B Leonard (2008)

As the title suggests this book focuses on sustainable living and considers how doing so will have different impacts on society. One of the impacts considered is the affect sustainable living will have on the economy. This book is also ideal for those who are looking for practical ways to make their own business more sustainable. All the main views on this topic are considered and readers will feel they know a lot more about the subject by the time they have finished reading.

Environmental Economics & Policy– 6th Edition – by Tom Tietenberg and Lynne Lewis (2009)

This book is another good choice for anyone interested in environmental economics. The two authors are well respected and they present the information well. Most of the main topics are covered including; pollution, poverty, transportation, and managing waste. The book offers practical advice on how future generations can protect the environment.

Natural Resource and Environmental Economics – 3rd Edition – by Roger Perman, Michael Common, James Mcgilvray, and Yue Ma (2003)

This is a good introduction text for those interested in environmental economics. It is now commonly used at university, but it would probably also be suitable for those who just want to find out a bit more about the subject. The text is easy to comprehend and there are lots of good examples to emphasise the main ideas. This book also comes with handy ideas at the end of each chapter for how to teach the subject material to students.

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics – 8th Edition – by Tom Tietenberg and Lynne Lewis (2008)

This textbook covers all the main topics concerning environmental economics. Tietenberg is one of the most respected authors in this field of study and so this text often gets cited. It is probably not going to be the best choice for an introduction text for those outside of academia, but it is highly recommended for all students of the subject – in fact it is usually required reading. Even those who are not undergraduates will find much useful information in these pages.

Economics and the Environment – 6th Edition- by Eban S. Goodstein (2010)

Although the information presented here is complex the authors do a great job of making it clear and easy to understand. This is a good book for anyone interested in the top and there is no need for any background knowledge. The main focus is on pollution and this problem is looked at from many different economic points of view. There are also practical suggestions for how governments can deal with this problem.

Environmental Economics – 5th Edition- by Barry Field and Martha k Field (2008)

This is a useful text because it starts off with the most basic ideas about environmental economics and then builds on this to introduce the reader to more complex topics. This book could be used as a reference text or by somebody just looking to get a firm foundation on this topic. The authors provide their own views on how the environment directly impacts the economy and what should be done about this.

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