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Top 6 Best Business Management Books Reviewed

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The good news is that if you are interested in business management there will be plenty of good books available to provide the information you need. The fact that there is such a huge appetite for this type of book means that there are always great new titles appearing. We are also fortunate because most of the brightest business minds in the world have already put their ideas into print. Here are just some of the best business management books you will find today.

The Big Book of Small Business: You Don’t Have to Run Your Business by the Seat of Your Pants by Tom Gegax and Phil Bolsta (2007)

This book is aimed specifically at those of us who are managing small businesses. It written in a very user friendly manner and for that reason is considered one of the best books on this subject. If you want to improve your ability to run your small business then this could well be the best book for you. The lessons contained in the chapters of this work will likely be something that you will want to return to again and again.

Skills for New Managers by Morey Stettner (2000)

Skills for New Managers has been around now for over a decade but it still remains a useful book that a lot of people will benefit from reading. Included in this text is all the information that a new manager is likely to need; everything from delegating work to firing people who are not pulling their weight. For most managers it will take a lot of trial and error before they learn to become effective at their job, but this book should mean that they get up to speed a lot faster.

Alpha Dogs: How Your Small Business Can Become a Leader of the Pack by Donna Fenn

In this book Donna Fern tackles the reality of business and helps readers understand what it takes to get ahead in today’s competitive world. The focus here is on the client and how to keep them happy and coming back for more. Standing out from the herd can be hard but in this book you get some great ideas about how to achieve just this; an interesting book that will have great practical value for people as well.

Management, Ninth Edition by John R. Schermerhorn (2007)

This text is commonly used by those studying for an MBA but it will also suit anyone who is interested in learning more about business management. All the important topics are covered comprehensively and this will be a nice book to keep as a reference source as well. Everything is written in an easy to understand manner even though it delves deep into managerial theory.

What To Do When You Become The Boss: How New Managers Become Successful Managers by Bob Selden (2007)

This is a book aimed at those who are brand new to management. It provides the information that new managers will need in order to adapt to their new role. The aim with this text is practical information that is going to help those new to the job hit the ground running. If you are just about to take up your first management position then this book will be certainly something to consider adding to your library.

How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner … and Still Have a Life by Bill Collier (2006)

This book does exactly as it promises in the title. It teaches you who to become successful in business and still have a life outside of this. Bill Collier’s book is a pleasure to read and he emphasise his ideas with delightful stories that make the information more memorable. This book has been around for a few years but it remains in high demand because of the great content it contains.

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