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Top 5 Best Managerial Economics Books Reviewed

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The subject of managerial economics is one that has benefited from a number of useful texts. There are a number of good books on the subject but here are just some of the top managerial economics books reviewed.

Managerial Economics: Applications, Strategies, and Tactics – 11th Edition – by James R. McGuigan, R. Charles Moyer, and Frederick H.deB. Harris (2007)

This book is often used in academic programmes for those interested in managerial economics. It is packed with examples that bring many of the managerial economic theories to life. As well as being useful for those who are studying the subject at university level it may also prove useful as a reference guide for the rest of us. If you are looking for one authoritative resource to keep on your bookshelf then this could be a good choice.

Managerial Economics and Business Strategy – 6th Edition – by Michael Baye (2007)

The nice thing about this text is that you don’t have to be an economics student to be able to gain insight from it; although it is now used as an academic text. Baye has filled this book with plenty of real life examples to really bring all the different managerial economic theories to life. If you have found previous explanations of these theories to be a bit dry then you will likely find that this book offers a refreshing change. Baye proves that it is possible to discuss difficult concepts without making them overly boring.

Strategy As Action: Competitive Dynamics and Competitive Advantage (Strategic Management Series) – by Curtis M. Grimm Hun Lee, and Ken G. Smith (2005)

The main selling point of this book is it provides the some important managerial economic concepts without any unnecessary waffle. The book is only 288 pages but there is enough relevant information there to provide people with a good understanding of many topics. It is ideal as foundation from which to explore these subjects further if you feel the need. This book will appeal to those who want a basic introduction that won’t bog them down in unnecessary details. The writing style is such that all the examples are easy to understand.

Performance Management: Integrating Strategy Execution, Methodologies, Risk, and Analytics – by Gary Cokins (2009)

This book provides practical insights from the world of managerial economics that can be useful to those who can benefit from this knowledge. The emphasis here is not an academic understanding and there is no attempt to impress the reader with abstract theories. The information is presented in the form of articles that create short chapters – these are easy to digest and the book can be picked up and put down with no fear of losing the thread. The author is highly respected in his field and this makes the knowledge here invaluable.

Managerial Economics – 3rd Edition – by Ivan Png and Dale Lehman (2007)

The nice thing about this book is that the authors seem to really understand their subject on a practical level. It is considered a suitable text for undergraduate students, but it will likely be of value to anyone who has an interest in the subject.  This book takes some of the most difficult ideas from microeconomics and makes them accessible to the rest of us.

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