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Top 5 Best Public Accounting / Public Finance Books Reviewed

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Those people who are interested in public accounting will find that there are quite a number of good books available on the subject. This is an important area of accounting and some of the best minds in the field have shared their knowledge in these texts. A lot of the texts focus on public finance in general but contain invaluable knowledge of use to those interested in public accounting. Here are just five of the best public accounting books reviewed.
Unaccountable: How the Accounting Profession Forfeited a Public Trust by Mike Brewster (2003)

This is a fascinating book that not only looks at the history of public accounting but also all the recent scandals. This reads like something that you would turn to for pressure and the author has managed to create a very engaging book. If you were under the impression that accounting was a bit boring then you will want to read this book because it proves the opposite. A fascinating read and highly recommended.

Public Finance by Laurence S. Seidman (2008)

This book is aimed mostly at students who are studying public accounting as part of their studies. All the information is presented in a straightforward manner though so this book would probably be a great resource for anyone interested in the topic. As well as clear explanations this book also provides plenty of examples to reinforce learning.

State and Local Public Finance – 3rd Edition- by Ronald C. Fisher (2006)

This is another book that not only will be useful for students but also members of the general public. There is no need to have any previous knowledge about the subject before reading this book as everything is clearly explained. If you want to understand public finance in the States then this will be a great book to use for this.

Public Finance Administration – 2nd Edition- by B. J. Reed and Professor John W. Swain (1996)

This book has been around for little while already but it remains influential and useful. It particularly focuses on the management of public funds and if this is something that you are interested in then this will be the book to help you come to grips with the topic. There is also a very comprehensive introduction to public finance generally and so this book will likely to appeal to many different people. The authors have put a lot of effort into making the text readable and most will agree that they have done a good job.

Public Finance – 10th Edition- by Ted Gayer and Harvey S. Rosen (2010)

This is a relatively new book that has managed to win a lot of praise for its comprehensive coverage of the topic. This is a text that is now being used on many academic courses but it will also serve as a good introduction or reference text. All the main topics are covered in this book and it will be a good one to keep in your library.

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