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Top 5 Best International Finance Books Reviewed

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International finance is a fascinating subject that is not only of interest to economists, and academics, but also to members of the general public as well. There have been some excellent books written on this subject and we won’t be able to review them all here. What follows is just the top 5 best international finance books reviewed.

International Financial Management – 10th Edition by Jeff Madura (2010)

This is considered to be one of the best textbooks dealing with international finance because it is so comprehensive. All the major concepts are discussed and provided in such a way that even somebody new to the subject should find them easy to grasp. This is going to be a good choice of text for a lot of people and it could be the only book on international finance you ever need.

The Handbook of International Trade and Finance: The Complete Guide to Risk Management, International Payments and Currency Management, Bonds and Guarantees, Credit Insurance and Trade Finance by Anders Grath (2008)

The title of this book is certainly a bit of a mouthful but it deals with the topics covered in a clear way. This is a fairly short book at only 288 pages but by the end of it the reader should feel that they have gained some new insights. There can be a lot of confusion about how international finance works in practice but Anders Grath does a good job of making it a lot clearer.

International Financial Management by Cheol Eun and Bruce Resnick (2011)

This book is another superb resource for anyone who is interested in international finance. As well as providing plenty of information about how things work there are also some examples of what it means in practice. This is a good choice if you want to dig deeper into the theories of international finance, but this is not purely an academic text. In fact this book could be a good choice for anyone who wants to find out about international finance to more than a superficial level.

International Money and Finance – 3rd Edition-  by C. Paul Hallwood and Ronald MacDonald (2000)

This is another book that can be found used in universities around the world, but will benefit those outside these institutions as well. The focus in this book is on providing relevant information that will be of use to people and not just part of an intellectual exercise. The authors have a firm grasp of their subject and they are able to pass on this knowledge to the readers in writing that is easy to comprehend.

International Finance – 3rd Edition by Keith Pilbeam (2006)

This book offers an informative look at international finance from the UK perspective. It has become a respected text around the world because it delivers the material in such a reader friendly manner. The important topics are covered in great depth and there are plenty of graphs and images to further explain the ideas discussed.

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