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Top 5 Best International Business Books Reviewed

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International business has become increasingly important as more companies attempt to become global entities. It does feel like the world has become a lot smaller in the last few decades with the rise of multinationals and improved communications technology. There is a lot of interest in international business and there have been some good books written to satisfy this curiosity. Here are what we think are the top 5 best international business books reviewed.

International Business – 8th Edition- by Charles Hill (2010)

This book by Charles Hall is considered to be among the most important texts on international business on the market. The author is a renowned expert in this field and in this book he explains everything in a way that almost anyone will understand. This book is now a prescribed text for many MBA and other academic courses; rightly so because this really is a splendid look at business on an international level.

International Business: Strategy, Management, and the New Realities by Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight and John Riesenberger (2007)

Getting to grips with international business can be a real challenge but the authors of this book have done a very good job at explaining things. This book is easy to read from start to finish and all the main topics are covered in some depth. The information in this book is very current and there is a good presentation of all the key facts. This book would be suitable for anyone with an interest in international business as well as those who are studying the subject academically.

International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition – 12th Edition- by Donald Ball, Michael Geringer, Michael Minor and Jeanne McNett (2009)

This is another much respected academic text that looks deeply at all the issues facing international business. The book utilizes plenty of real world examples to highlight the way things work in reality. As well as being something that will help students pass exams this will also be of use to any individual who truly wants to understand foreign markets. For most people this will be the only book on international business that they ever need.

How Small Business Trades Worldwide: Your Guide to Starting or Expanding a Small Business International Trade Company Now by John Spiers (2001)

This book is a practical guide that will be of use to anyone who wants to take their business global. There have never been so many opportunities for the small business owner to go international and this book explains exactly how you go about this. All the important information is covered in this book and the knowledge given all has practical value. The absence of too much dry material in this book makes it very refreshing.

International Business – 8th Edition- by Michael Czinkota, Iikka A. Ronkainen and Michael H. Moffett (2010)

This latest edition of International Business has been fully updated to take into account all the recent changes around the globe. This is another book that will work well for both the academic and the individual just looking for knowledge. The focus in this book is on the actual socio-economic dynamics of international business and there is less focus on abstract theories. Plenty of examples are used to provide a better understanding of the ideas contained in this book.

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