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Top 5 Best Finance Management Books Reviewed

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If you have an interest in finance management then you will find many books available that deal with this topic. Some of these texts are aimed at academics, or people who already have a firm footing in the subject, but there are also plenty of books aimed at the complete novice to the top. Here are just 5 of the top finance management books reviewed.

Fundamentals of Financial Management – 12th Edition – by Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston (2009)

This text is often used by those who are undertaking a course of study in financial management. All the main topics are covered, and attempts are made to keep the language simple; there are also plenty of examples to improve clarity. At the end of each chapter you will find a self-test and this can be useful because it will allow you to see if you really have grasped the content. This book may also work well for those with little understanding of financial management but would like a comprehensive introduction.

Financial Management 101: Get a Grip on Your Business Numbers (Numbers 101 for Small Business) – 2nd Edition- by Angie Mohr (2008)

This financial management book is aimed at the small business person who has very little background knowledge on the subject. If you are looking for an introduction text then this could well be the one to choose. The information is provided in a user-friendly way and there is probably enough here to satisfy the needs of most small business owners. This book might also be a good beginning text before delving further into the subject with heavier texts.

Financial Management: Theory & Practice – 13th Edition- by Eugene F. Brigham and Michael C. Ehrhardt (2010)

This is one of the most popular texts on financial management and one frequently used in academic settings. Although this book seems to be mostly aimed at people studying for an MBA, the information is presented in an easy to grasp manner for the most part. There are plenty of real world examples provided to make the text more understandable, and most topics are covered comprehensively. This book is probably going to be something you will want to keep on your bookshelf as a handy reference source even after your studies are complete.

International Financial Management – 10th Edition- by Jeff Madura (2010)

IF you would like to know more about finance management on the international stage then this book will likely prove useful. One bonus with this text is that it is also supplemented by online material as well- thus ensuring that readers can expand their reading and get the most up-to-date information. The author of this book is well respected for his knowledge of international finance management, and he is able to explain himself well in this text.

MBA Fundamentals Accounting and Finance (Kaplan MBA Fundamentals) by Michael P. Griffin (2009)

This is another finance management book that is aimed at MBA students, but that could be of use to almost anyone. Everything is presented in this book in a clear and concise manner, and so it could probably work as a good introduction to the subject even for those people who aren’t studying for an MBA. The author uses plenty of real world examples to keep things interesting.

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