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Top 5 Best Economics Books for High School Reviewed

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It is usually in high school that we first start to seriously consider economics and how it impacts our life. This is a topic that may be discussed in class in general terms but sometimes we will want to go deeper into the subject. Luckily there are some great economics books for high school available and we will be looking at five of the best of these here.

High School Money Book by Don Silver (2006)

This is a great book that can be used for an introduction into economics for high school students. The text is also packed with practical advice that students can use to start considering how they will manage their finances in the future. Some basic ideas like ‘monetary value’ and ‘investment’ are discussed. All the information is written simply and clearly; it is also engaging enough to entertain most young readers. The author never talks down to the student and this makes it a valuable resource.

Economics in Action: 14 Greatest Hits for Teaching High School Economics by Jane S. Lopus and Amy M. Willis (2003)

This book is a great for anyone teaching economics in high school. It contains activities that will not only allow students to gain an understanding of economics but that are also fun to play. Many young people complain that the theories in economics are a bit dry but with this book they will find them much easier to grasp – learning has never been this much fun.

Who Taught You about Money: A Fun Book for Young People by Richard Harris (1997)

This text is suitable for those in high school and younger. It is a fun look at the world of money that is ideal as a foundation to a deeper look at economics. This is the type of book that students may enjoy reading just for fun and it will be something they may want to return to again and again.

The Everything Economics Book: From Theory to Practice, Your Complete Guide to Understanding Economics Today by David Mayer (2010)

The author of this book teaches economics at high school so he knows how to make these ideas clear and engaging enough to satisfy young people. Mayer shows how economics doesn’t have to be overly-complex and this is why older adults might also get a lot from this book as well. This text is just a little over 300 words but by the end of it students should have a good introduction to the subject from which they can further their studies if desired.

The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens: 8 Steps to Having More Money Than Your Parents Ever Dreamed Of by David Gardner, Tom Gardner, and Selena Maranjian (2002)

This book contains some excellent practical advice that will bring economics and finance to life for young people. The advice contained in this book aims to give students the motivation to make changes in their lives that will influence their future wealth. This is the type of book that many adults will wish they had read in high school.

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