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Top 5 Best Economics Analysis Books Reviewed

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If you are trying to get to grips with economics analysis then you find plenty of good books to help you do this. What follows are just five of the best economics analysis books reviewed.

Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and Public Policy– 2nd Edition- by Daniel M. Hausman and Michael S. McPherson (2006)

This book not only examines economic analysis but also moral philosophy. It aims to show how and understanding of moral philosophy can in fact lead to improved analysis within economics. This book not only provides facts but also challenges some of the most common notions that many economists share. The text is divided into three parts; the first part of the book examines rationality and morality, in part two the focus is on welfare analysis, and the final part of the book examines the type of moral ideas that should be influencing economic decisions.

History of Economic Analysis: With a New Introduction by Joseph A. Schumpeter, Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter, and Mark Perlman (1996)

This book is a weighty one with over 1,300 pages. It is considered one of the best books on economic analysis ever written though, so this makes it a must-read for those who are serious about finding out more about the subject. This book is aimed mostly at those with some background in the subject, but it could be useful to those delving into the subject for the first time. This is a book that is frequently referenced by those wishing to add authority to their articles and discussions.

Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis – 7th Edition-  by Harold L. Vogel (2007)

If you are interested in the entertainment industry then this book will be the obvious choice for information in regards to economics analysis. This is an easy to read text that would be suitable for people with no background in the subject. If you have ever wondered about the financial situation within the entertainment industry then this will be a great book for satisfying that curiosity.

Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law by Steven Shavell (2004)

This economics analysis book is focused on how this applies to law. It is considered to be one of the top texts for this topic and therefore recommended if you are interested in an economics analysis of the law. This book was written as an introduction but provides enough information for readers to get a good understanding of the subject.

Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis by Ludwig Von Mises and J. Kahane (2010)

This book was originally released back in 1922, but this new edition has found a whole new audience. If you are interested in an economic and sociological analysis of socialism then you will find it within this book. This book may be an old one but the information is still relevant today. The authors conclude that socialism is always doomed to failure and they provide plenty of evidence to back up this claim. Many would not agree with the conclusions of this book but there is little doubt that there are some compelling arguments in these pages.

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