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Top 5 Best Economic Statistics Books Reviewed

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Economic statistics is not only a subject of relevance to those in an academic setting but practically anyone who hopes to understand how economies function. There have been some great books written on this subject in recent years. Some of these texts are aimed at the complete novice while others would benefit the more advanced economy watcher. Here are just five of the best economic statistics books reviewed.

Cartoon Guide to Statistics by Larry Gonick and Woollcott Smith

This book is perfect for people who want a simple introduction to statistics. The cartoons make the subject easy to comprehend and are actually quite fun. Even some very complex statistical ideas are made easy through the use of cartoons. If you want to learn all about basic statistics without putting in a lot of effort then this might be the best book to choose.

Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics by David R. Anderson, Dennis J. Sweeney and Thomas A. Williams (2008)

This is one of the easier textbooks that will be of value to anyone who is interested in learning a bit more about economic statistics. It is used in many university courses; both undergraduate and graduate. The focus is on core topics but the book does do a good job of covering most of the topics that people will want to learn about this subject.

MBA Fundamentals Statistics by Paul W. Thurman (2008)

This book is aimed at MBA students but may be of benefit to practically anyone. It is a simple introduction to statistics that provides all the important statistical information that students will need to pass their MBA course. This is a Kaplan book so you know that the material is going to be high quality.

Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics – 4th Edition – by Thomas H. Wonnacott and Ronald J. Wonnacott (1990)

This is another introduction text that will be useful for people who are new to economic statistics. The authors have made sure to keep the text clear and have avoided any unnecessary confusing material. Those who read this book should walk away with a good basic understanding of the subject. Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics is now frequently used in academic courses to introduce students to the topic. It is also going to be equally useful to people outside an academic setting. This is a good book to have in your library and you are sure to want to go back to it again and again in the future.

Business Statistics – 5th Edition- by Douglas Downing Ph.D. and Jeffrey Clark Ph.D.(2010)

This book goes into great detail about how statistics can be actually applied in a business setting. It provides plenty of good examples that highlight how these numbers are used in reality. This text tends to get referenced a lot because it is well respected for providing clear explanations of complex statistical ideas. This book is perfect for business people as well as students. It is commonly required reading on MBA courses.

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