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Top 5 Best Economic Issues Books Reviewed

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Economic issues are of relevance to a lot of people. Some individuals will have an academic interest in the topic while for others it will be more practical concerns that will attract them to this topic. Of course, there are also many of us who just enjoy finding out more about this topic. There are many texts available on this topic but here are the top 5 best economic issues books reviewed.

Leading Issues in Economic Development by Gerald M. Meier and James E. Rauch

Leading Issues in Economic Development is a much praised book that is used in universities around the world. It is also a book that will appeal to almost anyone who is interested in finding out more about economic development. The authors are experts in the field and this book is jam packed with knowledge. It is suitable for the complete newcomer as well as the individual who already feels that they know a lot. Anyone who reads this text is sure to benefit from it.

Issues in Economics Today – 5th Edition- by Robert C. Guell (2009)

This book by Robert C. Guell aims to offer insight into all the modern issues in economics. It delves into 8 core issues as well as discussing many more issues in briefer terms. This book is in its fifth edition and has been updated to keep it relevant. It is a well respected text that is commonly used on academic courses.

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Economic Issues– 15th Edition- by Frank Bonello and Isobel Lobo (2011)

There are always different views and opinions on all economic issues. This book offers different opinions on each of these issues in the hope that it will stimulate critical thinking. This book is now in its 15th edition but it remains a very important text. After reading this book you will have a much better understanding of how economic theory actually works in the real world. You will also be able to better appreciate opposing views on economic issues.

Economic Issues Today: Alternate Approaches by Robert B. Carson, Wade L. Thomas and Jason Hecht (2005)

There are some economic issues that are of importance to almost everyone on the planet. This book offers alternate approaches to these big issues so that readers can be in a better position to develop a more informed view point. Although this book was written six years ago it remains highly relevant and continues to receive praise.

Economic Issues for Consumers by Roger LeRoy Miller and Alan D. Stafford (2003)

It isn’t just academics that have an interest in economic issues; it impacts the rest of us as well. This book looks at how economic issues are relevant to consumers. It looks at some of the most important issues for consumers and digs deeply into each topic. This book is now to be found in most university libraries but it can be of use to anyone who is interested in these topics. By the end of this book the reader should really feel they have a firm grasp of economic issues for consumers.

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