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Top 5 Best Business Success/Inspirational Stories Books Reviewed

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The goal of most people involved in the business world will be to become successful. It is fierce competition and everyone wants to be a winner. This is what makes working in the business world so exciting; there are winners and losers every day. Hearing about business success can be heartening for those who are trying to find it themselves. We all need some inspiration now and again and luckily there are some great books for this. Here are just a few of the best business success books available to buy.

Driven: Business Strategy, Human Actions, And The Creation Of Wealth by Joel Litman and Mark L. Frigo (2008)

If you are looking for some practical ways to find business success then this book will be right up your street. It offers clear advice on how to make the decisions that will lead to business success. The authors are always positive and lay out a clear path to greatness in the business world. This book is very well written and once you get reading you won’t be able to put it down.

How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner … and Still Have a Life by Bill Collier (2006)

Some people are under the impression that you need to sacrifice everything if you want to find business success. In this book Bill Collier shows how this is definitely not the case. It is possible to be hugely successful in the world of business and still have a life away from this. Family, friends, and hobbies are important and there is no reason why we should have to give any of these up in our attempt to be a winner at our jobs. The reason why some people can’t seem to be able to balance work with a life is that they have poor management skills; this book is a great remedy for this.

The 12 Factors of Business Success: Discover, Develop and Leverage Your Strengths by Kevin Hogan, Dave Lakhani and Mollie Marti (2008)

This is another practical book that will describe exactly what you need to do in order to become successful. The 12 factors mentioned in this book are tried and trusted and so the advice given will work if you put it into practice. Those who have read this book already tend to be full of praise for it; some even claim that it completely changed their life. 12 factors might not sound like a lot to work on, but there really is some powerful information in this book.

Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time by Daniel Gross (1997)

If you are looking to get really inspired then this book should be able to do that for you. Here you have some of the greatest business stories of all time. The text looks at the highest achievers in the business world and provides a look at how these people managed to pull it off. Some of the biggest names in business are interviewed for this book, and any one can benefit from their insights.

The Success System That Never Fails by W. Clement Stone (2011)

W. Clement is arguably one of the most successful business men of all time. Not only did he come out on top in the business world but he also managed to live to be 100. In this book he describes his success system that never fails. The information here is not just about getting ahead at work but can be used for every aspect of life. It is no exaggeration to say that you could pick up pearls of wisdom from this book that will change your life forever.

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