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Top 5 Best Business Strategy Books Reviewed

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Business strategy involves the steps a company will take to reach their goals and usually involves three main elements; analysis, integration, and implementation. Getting the right business strategy is vital because success will often depend on this. Luckily there are plenty of knowledgeable experts out there who are willing to share their knowledge. Here are (in our opinion) the top 5 best business strategy books reviewed.

Developing Business Strategies -6th Edition by David A. Aaker (2001)

This book provides a general overview of business strategy. It takes the reader through step by step instructions into how they should develop their strategy. There is no attempt to overwhelm the reader with too much information and everything is kept as simple as possible. There are also plenty of graphics and diagrams to ensure easier understanding of the content. Although this is mostly an instructional book it still manages to be entertaining as well.

Strategy: Create and Implement the Best Strategy for Your Business by Harvard Business School Press (2005)

The Harvard Business School Press has a reputation for producing quality business books and this one on strategy is no exception. This is another text that will guide you through the process of creating your business strategy from the ground up. More than just telling you how to develop your strategy this book also tells you exactly what you need to do to implement it as well. This is important information because a lot of businesses fail at this step.

The Seven Questions of Business Strategy: Focus Your Intention and Grow Your Business by Norm Levy (2009)

This book sets out to challenge managers to be clearer about their business strategy. It does this by asking pertinent questions; the type of questions that anyone involved in business strategy should be asking. This is an excellent resource that will not only suit the small business owner but also those tasked with managing much larger entities. Not only does this book ask the right questions but also provides plenty of important questions. An excellent book and well worth buying if you have any interest in business strategy.

Driven: Business Strategy, Human Actions, and The Creation Of Wealth by Joel Litman and Mark L. Frigo (2008)

This well written text is jam packed with useful insights into business strategy. It doesn’t just tell you how to go about business strategy but backs up all its claims with plenty of supporting evidence. More important it clearly explains why all this is important and the difference the right strategy can make to your business. This book will appeal to the complete novice to strategy or even those who are already a bit of an expert.

Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategy by George S. Day and David J. Reibstein

This book delves into the topic of business strategy quite deeply. The authors work for one of the most famous business colleges in the world and they know their subject well. It covers aspects of business strategy that get overlooked in other books. If you want to be sure of a more comprehensive understanding of strategy then this would be one of the best books to get for this.

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