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Top 5 Best Business Marketing Books Reviewed

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Business marketing refers to the process by which goods or services get to the customer.  This is an important topic which is why there have been many books written on the subject. Some people will learn about this subject while studying for an academic qualification such as an MBA. It is also valuable information for those who are actually involved in business marketing. Here are just the top 5 best business marketing books reviewed.

Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide by John Jantsch (2008)

This book is aimed specifically at the small business person. It provides a road map for those who want to start marketing successfully and is jam packed with useful advice and information. Anyone reading this text should begin to benefit from it almost right away. Many of the strategies for marketing can easily put into practice without too much effort. Everything is provided using a step by step approach so as to increase simplicity.

The Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing by John Coe (2003)

This text focuses specifically on business to business marketing. The world is changing and the old strategies for B2B marketing are no longer efficient. This book provides some new ideas that will make a huge difference to anyone involved in this type of marketing. John Coe goes into great depth to really give this topic justice. Most of all it is a practical book and well worth reading for anyone interested in B2B marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business – 4th Edition-  by Jay Conrad Levinson (2007)

This book has actually been around since 1984 but this latest edition ensures that it remains relevant. Guerilla marketing is viewed as the most effective way for small businesses to make their mark and this book contains all the information they need. This text is packed with all the information you need on this type of business marketing and it is probably the only book you will ever need on the subject.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue by Shama Kabani and Chris Brogan (2010)

The rise of the internet and social media has revolutionized the world including the way we go about marketing things. This book offers the information needed for a small business to achieve social media success. The text is full of practical advice and there is no attempt to waste the reader’s time with unnecessary information. If you feel that your business could benefit from social media, which it sure can, then this book will help you do just that.

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business by David Siteman Garland (2010)

This is another book aimed at the small business person looking for practical ways to market their goods or services. If you are short on time then you will find that this small book has most of the information you will ever need to market your business. This text is actually highly readable and offers something different from all those other marketing books that seem to offer the same thing.

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