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Top 5 Best Business Finance Books Reviewed

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Business finance is an important subject for anyone interested in how to manage their financial resources. Many of those people who want to develop a deeper understanding of this topic may not have a background in finance, and are more interested in practical information. There are many books available and some of these will look at business finance from a more academic standpoint while others are meant to provide information that those involved in business can benefit from.

Financial Intelligence: A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean by Karen Berman, Joe Knight, and John Case (2006)

This is one of the best business finance books that have been developed for people with no real background in finance. It provides easy to understand information and doesn’t try to overwhelm the reader with too many ideas. It provides all the basic ideas needed by those who have a practical interest in business finance. It is also refreshingly free of too much jargon. Many readers will find that all the information they require is covered in 288 pages of this book; for others it will be a useful starting point.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers by Gene Siciliano (2003)

This is another text aimed at the individual who has no real previous knowledge of finance. It is now seen as very important that all managers and entrepreneurs should have at least a fundamental grasp of business finance, and this book might help them achieve this. All of the main topics are covered and the writer does a good job of turning complex ideas into simple terms. By the end of this book most readers will feel a bit more confident about their ability to understand this important subject.

Finance for Managers (Harvard Business Essentials) by Harvard Business School Press (2003)

The fact that this book has been released by the Harvard Business School means that it can be considered an authoritative source. Despite its high credentials though, this book isn’t dry or aimed at the academic; instead it is something that almost any manager or entrepreneur will be able to pick up and benefit from. This book will also work well for someone who has previously studied the topic and just wants to refresh their knowledge. All the different ideas are complimented with easy to understand examples.

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Finance for Non-Financial Managers – 2nd Edition- by Robert Cooke (2004)

Not only will this book provide non-financial managers with all the information they need in 36 hours, but it is also possible to do an online exam and be issued with a certificate. There is now an increasing demand for those in business to have a grasp of finance, and this book will go a long way to accomplishing that goal for a lot of people. The information is presented in such a way that it never becomes boring or tedious; all the information is relevant and to the point.

Fundamentals of Financial Management – 7th Edition – by Eugene F. Brigham and Joel F. Houston (2011)

The latest edition of this book is updated for 2011. This text offers a more complete understanding of finance and will be of use to those who require more than a basic understanding of the subject. As well as being an academic book (it is required reading for many MBA courses around the world) this will be a useful reference resource that will be of benefit to many in the business world. This textbook combined with a introduction text would likely be the ideal combination.

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