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Three New Books Every Emerging Investor Should Read

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With the economy now slowly expanding, more Americans are considering getting back into investing. However, quite a bit has changed since the recession first began in 2008. New and seasoned investors alike would do well to find out what is new in the modern market before putting money at risk. The following three books can help. They offer a plethora of information that should be especially helpful to new investors.

nvesting For Beginners: The Ultimate Investing Guide for NewbiesInvesting For Beginners: The Ultimate Investing Guide for Newbies: How to Manage and Grow Your Money Successfully – (2015) by Michele Gilbert

This is a very short read (only 23 pages) but a very valuable one for new investors. Author Michele Gilbert does not scare new investors away with pages of technical terms and enough information to fill their minds 10 times over. In fact, she keeps it simple and basic in order to introduce the idea of investing to people who have never done it before. This book will give you the basics before you move on to more complicated information.

Building Winning Algorithmic Trading SystemsBuilding Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems – (2014) by Kevin Davey

Self-directed investing through online trading is extremely hot right now. According to author Kevin Davey, being a successful online trader requires employing automated algorithmic systems in addition to discretionary decision-making. In this book, he discusses how to develop, test and deploy profit-making systems that rely heavily on automated data analysis. He includes access to his website with the purchase of this book.






Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real EstateZillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate (Hardcover) – (2015) by Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries

Zillow has revolutionized the way houses are bought and sold. Anyone interested in real estate as an investment needs to know what these rules are. Authors Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries bring readers into the 21st century with data-driven facts about the modern real estate market. The book is equally valuable to property flippers and those who want to make real estate part of their long-term investment planning strategy.

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