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The Best Business Plan Books for Planning Your Business

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If you are about to launch a new venture then you might very well benefit from a business plan. In fact this document can be a vital component of any attempts at entrepreneurship. If you don’t have one of these or the one you haven’t isn’t very effective then you might be harming your chance of success. This is not only for your own personal reference but you will be expected to present business plans when applying for finance. Luckily there are some great books that will help you produce an effective plan; here are just some of the best of them.

The Complete Book of Business Plans by Joseph A. Covello and Brian J. Hazelgren (1995)

The aim of this text is to walk you through the process of creating a business plan. To help you do this it provides worksheets and step by step instruction. If you follow the steps outlined in this book you should have an effective business plan by the end of it. The text is written simply and you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of the subject. The book also contains examples of business plans to provide you with inspiration.

The Plan-as-You-Go Business Plan by Tim Berry (2008)

Most people seem to view business plans as a necessary evil; in fact a lot of entrepreneurs approach the task of formulating these documents with a sense of dread. The aim of this book by Tim Berry is to make the whole process fun – some might say that this is quite a tall order. This book tells you in simple terms what you need to do when creating business plans; it avoids overwhelming you with information you don’t need. After reading this book you may feel a lot more positive about the whole issue of creating these documents.

Small Business Management: An Entrepreneur’s Guidebook with CD Business Plan Templates by Leon C. Megginson, Mary Jane Byrd, and William L. Megginson – 4th Edition (2002)

This book covers a lot more than just business plans but it does come with a CD with some handy templates so that you can create one. This text is about eight years old but most of what is stated in regards to business plans is still relevant.

Business Plans That Work: For Your Small Business by Alice H. Magos (2008)

This book aims to provide practical advice in a way that readers will be able to absorb easily. As well as discussing the ingredients of a good business plan this text also provides examples of five effective ones. Actually seeing real examples of what you are trying to create should be a great benefit. Creating effective business plans is not easy but hopefully this book will help.

Streetwise Complete Business Plan: Writing a Business Plan Has Never Been Easier! by Bob Adams

This is another book that aims to take the mystery out of writing effective business plans. The author knows the subject well and walks readers through all the steps they need to take to create this important document. Even if you have never attempted such an undertaking previously you should be able to follow the instructions and end up with something effective. You will also find useful examples to reinforce your learning.

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