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The Best Banking Books to Learn Banking

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Banking is a topic that is of interest to a lot of people. This is a subject that can not only appeal to the professional banker, or individual studying this material at university, but also people who are interested in how the economy and finance works. There are some great books available to help people learn more about this subject. The following is a selection of just some of the best banking books; it is not intended to be exhaustive but hopefully there will be something to suit people with all the different levels of interest in the subject.

Introduction to Banking by Barbara Casu, Claudia Giradone, and Philip Molyneux (2006)

If you are looking for an introductory text to banking then this might be a great choice. It is mostly aimed at students studying the subject academically but it is simple enough that most people should be able to learn a lot form it. The writers of this text are all based in the UK but the information can be equally applied to an international level. This would probably also be a useful book to have for reference purposes.

Modern Banking by Shelagh Heffernan (2005)

If you want to get a firm grasp of all the important issues facing international banking then this will be a good book to buy. Rather than just talking about how banking works in individual countries the text looks at the broader picture and looks at how the different counties banking systems interact; the recent economic crisis has demonstrated how important the international factor is. If you are just interested in modern banking out of curiosity or for professional reasons then you will likely find plenty of useful information in this book. The text is easy enough to understand even if you don’t have a background in banking.

Money, Banking and Financial Markets by Lloyd Thomas (2005)

This is a more general text but will likely be of use to those who want an overview of the subject. This book touches upon all the main issues and topics and will provide a good bases upon which to explore the subject further. The book also contains review questions so that you can assess if you are absorbing the information contained within each chapter.

Investment Banking Explained: An Insider’s Guide to the Industry by Michel Fleuriet (2008)

This book is aimed specifically at investment banking and will be a great help for anybody who wants to find out more about this particular area of banking. The author is able to write with authority on the subject and this makes the text all the more valuable to the reader. The fact that Fleuriet has been able to see how theory works in practice means that he is able to really make them come to life.  The writing is clear and a lot of effort is made to make the book accessible to most people with an interest in the subject matter.

The Mystery of Banking by Murray Rothbard (2008)

This book has been written by a much respected teacher of economics and he knows the subject well. The book goes right back to the origins of banking and then proceeds to explain how it has developed in what it is today. The way that the material is presented makes it easier to understand how banking works and the different theories connected to it. The explanations are easy to understand and by the end of the book the reader should feel that banking is much less of a mystery.

Dictionary of Banking Terms by Thomas P. Fitch – 5th edition (2006)

This is a handy reference book that provides clear explanations of all the most common banking terms. This text should be of use to the student or those who have regular dealings with the banking sector or who work in it. Even those who have worked in banking for years may still find this book useful.

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