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What are Business Cycles (Economic Cycles) and What Causes Them?

The business cycle is something you will frequently hear economists mention.  It is often discussed in relation to a countries economic performance or how markets are behaving on a global scale. It seems to be quite an important concept so what does it actually refer to?

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Is it Worth Studying for a Degree in Economics?

Students today have many options when it comes to deciding what it is they want to study. For many individuals, economics can sound like a stuffy subject and there may be concerns about how having such a degree can help with employment after graduation. The reality is that economics is one of our most important human concerns and there are plenty of job opportunities for graduates with an economics degree.

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Currency Exchange Rates and How They Are Determined or Calculated?

You will likely have noticed that currency exchange rates don’t tend to be static; in fact they can vary greatly from day to day. Some people actually use the fluctuation currency exchange rates as a means to make a profit; buying at one rate and selling at another. You may be wondering though, how exactly are these currency rates decided in the first place. Who decides how much a dollar is worth when compared to the Euro? You may also be asking yourself why they just don’t pick an exchange rate and just stick with it; instead of this constant fluctuation.

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What is Short Selling?

Short selling is something you will hear mentioned a lot if you like to watch any of the business TV channels or read any business-orientated magazine. Some people do get a bit confused by the idea of short selling, but it is not actually that difficult to understand.

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The Influence of Karl Marx on Economics

Although there are many people who would disagree with the work of Karl Marx there are few who would doubt his contributions to economics. For much of the twentieth century one third of the world lived in economies that were strongly influenced by his ideas. Although the last few decades have seen the fall of many of these communist countries the ideas of Marx are still important today.

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The Influence of Adam Smith on Economics

Adam Smith died over two hundred years ago but he is still considered one of the most important economists of all time. This Scottish philosopher wrote a book called the ‘Wealth of Nations’ and his writings still have an influence today. He is often referred to as the founding father of economics.

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What is the World Bank and What Does it Do?

Anyone who watches the news is sure to have heard about the World Bank, but there may be some uncertainty as to what this institution actually is. Confusion about the World Bank is understandable as it is unlike any other bank people will be familiar with. In fact many would argue that it isn’t even a bank at all and more an agency that specializes in providing leveraged loans.

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The Dream of a Steady State Economy

There are many different groups around the world who would love to see a steady state economy. This ambition is of particular importance to environmentalists who see it as a way to help protect the world from global warming.  There are claims that such an economy would be ethically on a sounder footing and would create more happiness for citizens.

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