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10 Reasons Why Every B2B Company Need to Have Contacts of All US Businesses

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The United States is a leading country in terms of ease of starting a new business. It has the 6th position among the countries that offer ease of doing business, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2020. All big enterprises, startups, and SMEs operating in the U.S. also need some services and supplies to run their companies successfully. That is why all national and international businesses have a chance to earn good revenues by providing products and services to such firms.

However, it is also significant to know how different B2B companies are going to engage these US businesses. Email marketing can play an essential role in this regard with the help of All US businesses datasets. So, this article is going to discuss the top reasons why every B2B company must have contacts credentials of US-based businesses.

Top Reasons Why Every B2B Company Need to Have Contacts of All US Businesses

1. Easy to Engage Targeted US Businesses

If your potential customers are US businesses, then a B2B company must need a complete list of US firms with all necessary details like email addresses, phone numbers, states, and addresses, etc. This information helps B2B companies’ sales teams send emails and SMS to the targeted businesses without any delay.

Similarly, with the help of all contact datasets, marketing teams can talk and negotiate with the right person according to their position in the company. For example, if you are willing to sell auto parts, then you should talk with the supply manager of a potential vehicle manufacturing company in the United States. With a complete dataset, you can directly approach the authoritative person without wasting your time and resources.

2. Brand Recognition

It is challenging to get proper brand recognition for B2B companies compared to B2C firms. Business-to-customer companies can quickly run different public advertising campaigns to attract potential customers, but it is hard for business-to-business companies. B2B firms conventionally depend on email marketing and SMS approaches to get the attention of targeted businesses.

The use of US-based businesses’ details could be very beneficial in this regard because your sales representatives can directly talk and convince them. With the help of a dataset of all companies in the United States, you can design emails and communication tools to enhance your brand recognition. Undoubtedly, US businesses will only give orders to your company if they are aware of your offers, business history, and products. Mainly if your B2B company is not operating in the United States.

3. Help in Lead Generation

A worldwide survey by Statista claims that the email marketing industry will be valued at 17.9 billion USD by 2027. Its current value is only 7.5 billion USD. This trend shows how email marketing is growing to generate leads and get sales. Hence, using businesses’ datasets has become crucial for B2B companies to create leads successfully.

Howbeit, this database not only aids companies in generating leads via email marketing but with the help of these contact details, you can also easily approach the US businesses via phone calls, SMS, and meetings. But, it is necessary to have suitable datasets with information like names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc., of different position holders of U.S. companies.

4. Boost Sales & Revenue

A successful lead generation definitely boosts sales and increases revenues. For that reason, a B2B company should have contacts of US-based SMEs and enterprises to make them aware of its services and products. Likewise, with all contact details in hand, a B2B company can call any US business to offer its current discounted offers and boost sales within seconds.

In simple words, these datasets give huge confidence to your communication strategy, and you can reach out to more potential customers. The founder of Cotton Cloud, Irene Schmoller shares that he gets a sale within 15 minutes after sending an email. In short, such contact attributes effectively work to boost sales.

5. Cost & Time Efficient

Young B2B companies typically start their businesses with limited budgets and resources. The utilization of B2B databases could be time and cost-efficient for such ventures. These new businesses just need to get US businesses’ datasets to engage the right clients quickly. Without investing in expensive marketing campaigns, they just need to take advantage of email marketing.

For email marketing, startups only need to pick a good template, subject lines, concise and compelling content to get enough attention from the targeted businesses. This marketing methodology also doesn’t take much workforce and time to proceed. You just have to be creative to accomplish this task. The use of free email automation tools could also be effective in this regard.

6. Real-Time Marketing

B2B companies can get an advantage from datasets of American businesses when they utilize them to run real-time marketing campaigns. These marketing tactics usually connect the B2B firms with the targeted companies within no time. Emails, phone calls, office, and online meetings are good examples of these real-time marketing approaches.

7. Increase ROI

Litmus claims that around $36 could be earned when you spend $1 on an email marketing campaign. This claim looks fascinating, but it can only happen if you use one of the finest databases with all details of US-based businesses. Thence to increase return on investment (ROI), the collection of meaningful contact details of U.S. businesses is vital.

8. Enhance Audience Growth

It is tough for new businesses to compete in a market saturated with strong competitors. As beginners, B2B companies rely on contact datasets of firms to attract them. Withal, it is not easy to build a database as a new company to appeal to potential customers. To fulfill this goal, young businesses trust the B2B email databases to enhance their audience.

9. Promote Products & Services

B2B companies consume a huge amount of their budgets on promotional campaigns. They could be print, electronic and social media advertisements. But with the help of contact details of US businesses, they can directly market their services and products in front of the right person or company.

Indeed, as a B2B company, you must have contacts of all US businesses to promote your services without consuming big budgets.

10. Strengthen Customer Relationships

Contact details of US businesses are also crucial to strengthen customer relationships for B2B companies. With the contact details of businesses, you can directly send them a greeting message on any celebration occasion. In the same token, you can also offer discount packages in tough times of any global pandemic or financial crisis. These are time-tested approaches to building strong relationships with your client companies.

Best Places to Get Contacts of All U.S. Businesses

After knowing the reasons why every B2B company needs contacts of all US businesses, many of you would also like to find the best places to get such lists. Frankly, it is a challenging task to find such databases, but we are representing one of the most reliable ones here:

Usable Databases

Usable Databases is an ideal place to explore the finest business datasets. It confers different datasets about businesses like vehicles, books, world hotels, movies, etc. But if you are a B2B company and want a complete dataset of the companies that practice in the United States, then you should consider using its ‘US Business Yellow Pages Dataset’.

This platform includes the contact details of around 22.5 million companies in America. In addition, you can’t only find these companies’ email details, phone numbers, and addresses on this platform. Still, this dataset facilitates the users with slogans, websites, payment methods, employees’ size, and revenues of these US businesses. This entire data is available in a single table form that could be downloaded into distinct formats, including CSV, Excel, PDF, LaTeX, and much more.

United States Census Bureau

To access the yearly dataset of the US economy and businesses, you can also consider using the public resources of the United States Census Bureau. Their official website presents a variety of data under its ‘business and economy datasets’ category. This government data can benefit B2B companies, especially if you can gather and utilize it appropriately.

Data World

With 445 business datasets, Data World is another big name to fetch data of US businesses for different B2B marketing campaigns. This open-source and free data community can assist B2B companies in successfully engaging potential clients. However, as a professional data professional, you will have to pay $12/month to access specific data resources.


If you want a free place to find contacts of US businesses, then you should pick Kaggle. With the backing of Google, it is an exciting and beneficial platform that presents a variety of data. Though it will be tough for B2B companies to find a complete dataset here. But yes, they can gather different datasets and can combine them in a single table.

This guide comprehensively discusses the significant reasons why B2B companies need contact attributes of all US businesses. It also shares the best places to find these complete datasets to assist marketing campaigns of B2B companies.

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