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Decision Making

  • Managerial Decision Making

The programme, Managerial Decision Making, is a subject first delivered in November, 1997. Professor Robert Wood and I jointly teach the subject: Bob, as the applied psychologist, outlines the pitfalls to which human decision making is heir, and I, as the decision analyst, present some tools to help decision makers avoid these pitfalls, and make better decisions.

  • Steps to Effective Decision-Making

“We all make countless decisions each day, from deciding what to eat or wear to figuring out how to spend our free time or disposable income. Many of these decisions require little effort or thought, but at times, we face circumstances that require more consideration. The presented steps provide a framework with which to contemplate such complicated and difficult decisions.”

Internet Resources & Materials

  • NetMBA

business knowledge center with free but full-fledged MBA related knowledge

  • Scholarly Courses in Finance on the Web

courses for undergraduate and MBA

  • Internet Learning Materials for MBA Students

concerns accounting, finance, business economics, HRM, marketing, and strategy

  • Strategic Game Theory for Managers

The subject, Strategic Game Theory for Managers, is an elective subject on the full-time MBA at the AGSM.

  • Strategic and Economic Thinking

The subject, Strategic and Economic Thinking, is a required subject in the full-time MBA at the AGSM.

  • Economic Investment Appraisal

The subject, Economic Investment Appraisal, is an elective course on the full-time MBA at the AGSM.

  • Macroeconomics for Managers

The subject, Macroeconomics for Managers, is an elective subject on the full-time MBA at the AGSM.

  • Thinking Strategically

This programme introduces managers to ways to unlock the power of this way of looking at strategic decision making, by providing simple frameworks and tools for looking forward and reasoning backwards before making such decisions. This provides valuable insights into what’s really going on in every negotiation and strategic decision.


  • Steps to Effective Debating

preparation of typical debating sequence and survival tips

  • Interview Questions

Top 10 interview questions examining your enthusiasm and passion for the job that can’t be duplicated in a textbook response.

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