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  • U.S. Government Websites Kids Stuff

“Have you ever asked “Why do we have to pay taxes?” Do your parents pull their hair out around April 15th? Find out the answer to this and many more fun and exciting questions with these links below. “

U.S. Government

  • Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

different information for different grades of kids, as well as resources for parents and teachers

Games & Interactivity

  • Wally The Stock Ticker Game

Have fun learning about different stocks. Just choose one of the stocks, say, IBM, so you can view how it’s doing. You can check out its stock symbol, current price, change from yesterday, time of last trade, volume of shares and more.

  • Escape from Kab

You are about to take off on an adventure to the strange and slimy planet KNAB. Make the right choices while you are there and you can return to the planet Earth. Live dangerously and who knows what may happen…

  • Econopolis

A Thinkquest project made by kids for kids. Learn major concepts of economics like supply & demand and opportunity cost in questions and answers. Other sections are Teacher’s Corner, Enterprise USA, Trade Museum, Goods & Service Farm and Producer vs. Consumer.


  • Young Investor

a place for teens to learn about investing in playing, with parents and teachers’ resources


  • Teen Business Link

SBA for teens. Got an idea for your starting business? Share it and grow it! Here you will meet successful young entrepreneurs and build your own business buddy list. If you have any idea of a small business or online business, write it down and try to realize it with the help of others. You will also find useful legal have-to-knows and money matters that will help you succeed.

Other Resources

  • Kid’s Econ Posters

elementary lesson plans and 6 core economic and financial literacy posters, interesting and fun

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