Economics Quiz, Economics Test, Economics Question Bank

Micro & Macro

  • tutor2u Economics Quizzes

A collection of more than three dozen short multiple choice quizzes aimed at 17-19 level, marked by JavaScript with immediate feedback. The questions in a test can be viewed one at a time or all at once. The order of questions, and items within a question, is randomised each time you take a quiz.

  • biz/ed Economics Question Bank

a series of interactive questions on a variety of topics of economics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, markets, firms, wages, national income, money, unemployment, inflation, government policy, international economics and development economics

  • QUIZ*tastic

a system of multiple choice exam questions that assesses the reader’s knowledge of three dozen principles

  • Microeconomics Full Quizzes

for Michael Parkin’s Economics 5th Edition: introduction, how markets work, households’ choices, firms and markets, resource markets, market failure and government and the global economy

  • Introductory Microeconomics Online Quizzes

quizzes of economic theory, demand curves, supply curves, equilibrium, demand elasticity, other elasticities, consumer theory, marginal utility variant, indifference curve variant, edgeworth box, and deriving demand curves from indifference maps

  • Economics and Economic Change

explores the behaviour of firms in markets with different degrees and kinds of competition

  • Macroeconomics Full Quizzes

for Michael Parkin’s Economics 5th Edition: introduction, how markets work, macroeconomic overview, aggregate supply and economic growth, aggregate demand and inflation, stabilization problems and policies and the global economy

  • Dornbusch Macroeconomics Companion Quiz

20 interactive 10-question multiple-choice tests – one for each chapter of the eighth edition of the textbook – without chapter titles


  • Great National Economics Test

see if you have a good understanding of the basic economic principles and facts, and compare your score with the national score

  • Basic Economics Quizzes

A collection of very basic economic quizzes on various topics like glossary & definition, supply & demand, socialism & capitalism, stocks, credit, commerce, industry, money, banking, needs & wants, goods & services and more.

  • What’s Your Position

just give your reaction to the statements and the computer will tell you your economic perspective

  • Economic Literacy Survey

Join hundreds of others who have taken this test during a national survey on economic literacy conducted for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Survey results appeared in the December 1998 Region magazine, a special issue devoted to an analysis of the nation’s economic literacy.


  • Test Your Awareness of Corporate Welfare and Subsidies

a trivia quiz to see how aware you are of corporate welfare, subsidies and other anti-democracy, anti-market policies plus some alternatives

  • Test Yourself on Green Taxes, Natural Resources and Economics

a trivia quiz to see how aware you are of anti-environmental economic policies and some exciting pro-environment economic reforms

  • Test Your Geonomic Awareness

a trivia quiz to see how oriented you are toward geonomics and issues of worldwide economic justice

Other Topics

  • Your Money Counts Quizzes

Do you have a debt problem? Which is more preferable, cash or credit? Test your financial smarts with their interactive quizzes.

  • eLearning Zone

self assessment questions, streaming slide shows, and flash movies on principles of economics, information regulation, industrial economics, game theory, production and costs, monopoly and oligopoly

  • Money, money, money

the functions and attributes of money, demand and supply of it and the role the Bank of England play in it

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