Economics/Finance Teaching Materials, Teacher Resources, Lecture/Lesson Plans


  • Handbook for Economics Lecturers

This is a set of guides to inform and improve the practices of university teachers of economics. The guides, though self-contained, are grouped under four section headings of teaching, assessment, course design and evaluation. Each guide has been written and edited by academic economists with experience of a particular aspect of learning and teaching practice.

  • Reflections on Teaching

Reflections on Teaching is dedicated to collating examples of innovative learning and teaching methods. The showcase will provide a range of short accounts on educational approaches used within the economics community. Each case study focuses on a particular innovation and consists of a brief description (250-500 words) that will address questions like what the purpose, how to integrate into the curriculum, how it works, problems to be encountered, and how the students respond.

Lesson Plans / Library

  • NCEE Online Lessons

Over 500 lessons from several economics education sites, you can search by grade, economic concept, and national standard.

  • Economics Lesson Plans of the Educator’s Reference Desk

Dozens of specific economics lesson plans for grades under 12: goods, currency, conceptual analysis, borrowing, saving, division of labor, entrepreneur, government, integrating economics topics/indicators, microeconomics, pencil economics, supply and demand, basic banking principles, ups and downs of the stock market.

  • Economics Lesson Plans of Economic Education Web

Browse and search the comprehensive list of economics lesson plans for almost all grades. Also materials for lesson plan creation is available.

  • Lesson Plan Library – Economics of the Mid-content Research for Education and Learning

Lesson plans and activities organized under topics, also available is the related knowledge and skill statements next to every topics: budgets, debts, economic decision-making, entrepreneurship/innovation, exchange and money, goods and services, interest rate, investment, market failures, money supply, opportunity costs and trade-offs, production and consumption, rold of government, savings, scarcity and choice, supply and demand, unemployment, and other general economic resources.

  • Lesson Plans Library – Economics of Discovery Education

5 adaptable lesson plans including money, population shifts, ivory wars, and balancing budgets

Investing, Stock Market

  • NYSE Group Educational Materials

a free investor education program specifically designed for middle-school and high-school students and teachers

Other Resources & Materials

  • Thinkfinity Search

provides access to all of the educational resources created by the MarcoPolo Partners plus Partner reviewed materials, check Economics in subjects for economic materials and Grade for targeted grades

  • Federal Reserve Education Teachers Resources

houses several interactive tools and resources for educators, students and parents. The curriculum search tool facilitates integrating Fed education materials into the classroom by aligning materials with national standards.

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