Economic Diagrams/Graph, Financial Diagrams/Graph, Economic Data Plotter, Illustrated/Graphic Models

Diagram Library

  • Wikimedia Commons: Economic diagrams

Elegantly graphed and contributed by Wikipedians, licensed under GNU Free Documentation License. 12 subcategories available: Economic illustrations, Economic block diagrams, Economic circular flow diagrams, Economic venn diagrams, Fuel mix disclosure, Economic geography, Management diagrams, Market diagrams, Product life cycle diagrams, Pyramid scheme, SVG – Economics, Tableau economique.

  • Biz/ed Diggin’ for Diagrams

Biz/ed have put together many of the main Economics and Business diagrams in this feature. You may want to use these for your project or coursework assignment, or you may simply want to use them for revision or checking out what they mean. Each diagram has both a brief and detailed explanation of what it shows and links to other relevant diagrams and definitions in the Biz/ed glossary.

  • FlashEcon

Microeconomics flash animations and video lectures: natural monopoly, profit vs. efficiency, production and cost, comparative advantage & specialization, supply and demand, bundling, pollution control, private vs. public goods, demand elasticity and total revenue, tax incidence and supply-demand elasticity.

  • Infographics Depot

Economics Diagrams:

Fantastically drawing of economics infographics / diagrams that’s educating and engaging.

Finance Diagrams:

Beautiful illustrations of finance data, financial crisis and more things in perspective of Finance.

Data Plotter

  • Economic Data Plotter

Choose from several drop-down menus to make the program draw for you.

For Teaching & Learning

  • AS Economics through Diagrams

provides guidance on how to use diagrams to explain key topics in AS Economics: microeconomics and macroeconomics, tens of topics.

  • thinkEconomics: Modeling Economic Principles

Through interactive graphs, ThinkEconomics illustrates basic economic principles that are taught in a college-level introductory economics course. These graphs enable students to develop analytic and deductive reasoning skills by manipulating graphical elements of the economic models. Students also learn how to apply these models to analyze and understand economic phenomena.

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