How to write good articles?

You learn fast and it’s good. I’ve adjusted the title and categories a bit but aside from this, I like it.

A trendy sum up or commentary like this is good but the problem is people hardly search for anything in the title of this one — you are writing what you have access to, but we need to write what people are ASKING and SEARCHING FOR.

For traffic, we need a lot of evergreen content of new areas / niches / trends, that people frequently search for, e.g. “What is xxxxx?”, “How to …..”, “What’s the differences between xxx, yyy, and zzz”, “Where to find xxxxx yyyy zzzzz”

Good places for subject inspirations are forums and communities such as reddit, quora where people ask and answer REAL questions. You can also find what the top sites are writing about. They become top sites for a reason.

Basically, we should be addressing and targetting real problems asked by real people, instead of writing what we have in mind.

For this matter, you are free to write as many words as possible in one article. Doesn’t have to always write 700 – 1000 words as some subjects are really simple to write that doesn’t require 700 words at all.

In the end, I’ll pay you for the hour. It’s the most flexible way.

As long as you fully and editorially address a specific problem in the article with a good title that’s ready for people to search and discover, a.k.a. with specific rich keywords people search for, and good readibility easy for consumption, we call it a GOOD article.

Number of words don’t matter much.

I will accept any number of articles you write in this way in an arbitrary length of time, e.g. 25 hours, for which I pay $70. As long as they are GOOD articles, short or long, I will accept them.

This is better I believe, since many’s the time when short articles are better than longer ones. For example, you have an infographic of this:

You can even write an article titled “What are the risks of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?” and include ONLY this infographic in the content, giving it some descriptive tags, and assigning it some relevant categories, and I will call it a GOOD article, for:

  1. The title is a question with specific keywords that people do ask for and search for
  2. The title fully and descriptively matches the content
  3. Article is correctly assigned to relevant categories, making it discoverable
  4. Article has rich tags with relevant keywords, making it discoverable

Some can be 1000 others can be 700 others even 1500. As long as they are good?

Yes, and we can also write very short ones, such as simple articles with just one introductory paragraph and an infographic.

You are free to mingle and mix short and long articles. Write your heart out. We don’t have to stick to the $6 budget per. It’s too rigid for creative writing.

The reason for short articles is that we want to have as many different keywords on our site as possible and see which ones are performing and then we will know what to invest in.

So we need as many short ones as possible to test out the water first. But you can still write long ones as some topics require 1000 or even 2000 words to get around.

For example, would these pass as a good topic to write on

  1. How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash
  2. How Cryptocurrency is Changing E-commerce
  3. What to Look for in a Bank Account
  4. Why the Ukraine Crisis has Led to Inflation in Developing Nations
  5. Global Economic Impact of Russia-Ukraine War
  6. How to invest in mutual funds

These are some great titles. You are talented in writing and problem solving.

  1. How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash, 8 Tips!
  2. 12 Ways Cryptocurrency is Disrupting E-commerce and What You can Do?
  3. 7 Things You Must Know about Your Bank Account
  5. (GREAT TITLE but needs a bit spicing up, people must be intrigued)
  6. (Title too general, not very specific. We need to find out what people are specifically asking about, I believe rarely any people would search for “How to invest in mutual funds”)

Can one write about situations that are currently happening? eg this Why the Ukraine Crisis has Led to Inflation in Developing Nations or Something like Why the…. led to the Collapse of the Sri Lankan Economy?

Yes, these are good titles as people DO search for WHY …. happens, etc.

What is, how to, why …., are all good titles, with relevant keywords and in-depth dimensions, they will make great titles.

Make sure to add both CAPTION and ALT text for images inserted in the content, especially ALT text that should contain descriptive keywords for the image which will be very helpful in SEO.

Write simple articles with lists and images of products from top brands on Google. For example, with a title “12 Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Ladies With Big Boobs”, you will search and list 12 relevant products and images and link to the original shop page in the article. It’s mostly images and links and minimum texts for product briefing.

There are A LOT of different dimensions to come up with keywords and combinations for a long tail title like this:

1, Time of year: seasons, month names, etc.

  1. Event types: wedding, formal, semi formal, cocktail, etc.
  2. Venues: church, hall, garden, beach, forest, farm, resort, etc.
  3. Special sizes: petite, plus size, etc.
  4. Body shapes: maternity, rectangle, triangle or “pear”, inverted triangle or “apple”, hourglass
  5. Top brands
  6. Countries / cities / local stores recommendations
  7. Lengths
  8. Skirt style
  9. Sleeve lengths
  10. Neck types
  11. Fabrics
  12. Colors
  13. Age groups: teen, young adults, mother, older woman, grandma, etc.
  14. Related categories: shoes, accessories, bags, etc.

This is a great one:

However if you could work on the titles that would be much better, by adding dimensions and longer tail keywords there in:

“Top 7 e-Commerce Platforms for Small Businesses for Selling Globally”
“Creating e-Commerce Websites? Top 7 e-Commerce Software and SaaS Providers Reviewed”
“Who is Best eCommerce Software Provider? 7 eCommerce Platform Compared”

These are both richer and more meaningful in keywords and more click-inviting.

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