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What is the Technical Analysis of Stocks

In any economy, one thing is certain: the beginner investor is alive and well. In boom economies, this investor is filled with rampant enthusiasm and a desire to strike while the market is “hot” in order to get the maximum value possible. In recessionary economies, the beginner investor is still filled with rampant enthusiasm, albeit from a much different perspective. They are looking to come into the market while it’s down and make out like thieves in the night when it rises again. Perfect prediction is outside the capability of any human-created system, but the system of technical analysis allows us to come pretty close.

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Where is the Gold Price going?

John Maynard Keynes called gold “the barbarous relic”. Now, long after Keynes’ school of economics became unfashionable, gold is once again in fashion, hitting an all time dollar record even when other metals and commodities have dived in price as a result of poor industrial demand. So what is driving the gold price?

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What is Quantitative Easing and does it cause inflation?

Quantitative Easing is essentially the creation of money. As we live in a digital age, the money is not even printed any more but simply created on computers. How come we aren’t seeing prices rise?

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Some very interesting Economic information graphics

Visualizing Economics:

  • How can you measure a nation’s wealth?
  • How much do you earn?
  • How rich is the United States?

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What’s with all the economic rent after all?

Gross Rent: Gross Rent refers to the rent paid for the services of land and the capital invested on it. It consists of economic rent, interest on capital invested for improvement of land and reward for risk taken by the landlord in investing his capital.

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Definition of Corporate Finance or Managerial Finance: What is Managerial Finance? (Defined)

Managerial or corporate finance is the task of providing the funds for a corporation’s activities. For small business, this is referred to as SME finance. It generally involves balancing risk and profitability, while attempting to maximize an entity’s wealth and the value of its stock.

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Definition of Personal Finance: What is Personal Finance? (Defined)

Questions in personal finance revolve around:

  1. How much money is needed by a person (or a family), and when?
  2. Where will this money come, and how?
  3. How to protect against unforeseen personal events, as well as in the external economy?
  4. How can family assets be best transferred across generations (bequests and inheritance)?
  5. How does the tax policy (tax subsidies or penalties) affect personal financial decisions?
  6. How does affect the individual financial capacity?
  7. How can you for a secure financial future in an environment of economic instability?

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Supply demand curve: right shift demand

With supply staying still and demand increasing (right shifting), both the price and quantity supplied are elevated. This is one of the most fundamental and classic graphs in Economics.

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